Healthy, educated, empowered people go on to improve social and economic outcomes for all. Working with the land produces high-quality, pure food that nourishes the body and nurtures the mind. Together, these create a cycle of wellbeing.

With this as our guiding principle, we’ve tailored our efforts to catalyze sustainable development and serve as a model for other areas.


Truly sustainable employment is the most valuable contribution to our community we can provide! In such a barren & dispersed community where jobs are scarce, these jobs go beyond providing a basis for living – they create a sense of community and belongingness we all can call home. Combined with our culture focusing on the wellbeing and professional development of our team, we created long-lasting solutions to pertinent social challenges.

AnaKardia Kids Pre-School

Early on in 2012 we built a pre-school at our factory that was named after two of our most precious resources – cashews and future generations. Combining education and nutrition, our preschool was the first in the region and serves employees’ children as well as children from neighboring areas as a head start in life.

Eco-Friendly Energy

Delicious cashews do in fact just grow on trees, but they require some work to get to the final product. Our innovative, carbon-neutral technology and practices allow us to bring you the best cashews with minimal waste.

East Bali Immersion

To truly understand us and our work, some quality time with the people and places that make us who we are is in order. East Bali Immersion offers Balinese hospitality and service learning adventures to international school groups and other intrepid explorers around the cashew region we call home.

Farmer Extension Programs

EBC’s farmer extension programs tackle the changing local agricultural seasons, offer supplemental income to farming families, teach sustainable practices, and streamline the regions’ cashew production process.

The Cashew Family Foundation

As a means to channel the income generated from our East Bali Immersion project as well as other outside donations into deepening our impact in the community, we’ve created The Cashew Family Foundation (Yayasan Keluarga Mente) to spearhead these efforts.