East Bali Immersion sunrise view

East Bali Immersion

East Bali Immersion environment aerial view
Eat Bali Immersion, experience what East Bali Cashews is all about
East Bali Immersion, Snorkling activity Tulamben

East Bali Immersion welcomes service-learning groups and intrepid explorers to enjoy Balinese hospitality, educational excursions and adventures. Mount Abang is the perfect starting point for us to show you around and teach you about what we do. At East Bali Immersion, visitors experience what East Bali Cashews is all about. They get to know the people and environment of Desa Ban while enjoying an experience that is at once relaxing, educational, and adventurous.

For so many students around the world, education is confined to textbooks and classrooms. We believe there is much to learn from nature, from businesses, and from different cultures. Groups who visit East Bali Immersion see a different perspective on life immersed in nature and community. They learn about a new company model – the social enterprise – that values its community’s wellbeing and its ecological footprint alongside profits. They meet people who live with so little – less than what many view as essential – but still live happy, fulfilling lives nonetheless.

To top it off, all proceeds from East Bali Immersion go directly toward funding our educational programs, social initiatives and farmer extension programs. We want every aspect of our enterprise to go back to the community for educational and agricultural development.

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