Employment, Professional Development & Culture

By offering well-paying jobs in an impoverished area where work is scarce, EBC empowers the local villagers to lift themselves out of poverty. Our social enterprise model is a sustainable, secure, scalable way to address poverty. This model creates drive, spurs growth and creativity, and with everyone rowing together in the same boat, the sky becomes the limit.

Many employees enter EBC at junior positions and work their way up to supervisory and managerial positions. We take pride in giving our employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop with the company’s growth. We offer in-depth training for our skilled and motivated staff members to cultivate their leadership abilities and contribute beyond their imagination to our community and operations.

East Bali Cashews’ rather unconventional path of inception has created a unique culture that encourages out-of-the-box thinking – we don’t shy away from experimenting with new ideas and everyone can contribute. Empowering the team empowers the means and enables the goals. It is our strength and motivation. Improving and creating our products is a team effort. We celebrate holidays together. Our children go to school together. Working at EBC feels like working as one, and we show it by adding extra love to each one of our snacks.