Ingredients Selected
for Flavor

The Source Of True Flavor

Our production facility is in the heart of Bali’s cashew growing region, on the eastern shores under the shadow of the beautiful volcano Mt. Agung. Although one of the driest areas of Bali, this beautiful region is home to a wide range of fruits and nuts – the perfect ingredients for tropical indulgence. Below you’ll find a collection of our local, precious ingredients.

Wild-Harvested Cashew Nuts

Wild-harvested and hand-picked for perfection -- the volcanic soil that nourishes Balinese cashew trees gives our cashews a uniquely rich, milky flavor. Once the cashew shells are opened, we package them within days to preserve their unique, quality, freshness & flavor.

Sulawesi Cacao Beans

These beautiful, dark tropical Cacao Beans have a rich flavor that enriches many of our products. We tasted beans from across Indonesia and chose these from farmers in Sulawesi operating at Rainforest Alliance Certification standards. Our cashews rolled in a powder of this cacao create a pure combination of creamy cashew and rich chocolate flavor.

Natural Lontar Palm Syrup

Local, small-holding farmers climb tall Lontar Palm trees and collect the nectar from the blossoms. Back on the ground, they boil the nectar in wide pans before sending it to our facility for further concentrating. The resulting syrup is both low-glycemic and delicious -- a cross between a vegan honey and maple syrup.

The Raja Banana

We (and many others) consider Raja Bananas the king of bananas (and Raja literally means "king" in Bahasa Indonesia). They have a full, almost custardy flavor with well-balanced sweetness and acidity. We're lucky to purchase them directly from the mountainous region of Tabanan, Bali. Raja Bananas put the best banana flavor into our granolas.

Wild Coconuts

Wild coconuts trees grow all around us and we receive Bali's best several times a week. We de-shell the coconuts and thinly slice the flesh just before careful toasting -- this leads to dried coconut that still tastes fresh.

Native Cassava Root

Cassava, a perennial plant that likes the well-drained soils or our volcanic home, grows all around us. Its sweet and chewy underground tuber, when slightly fermented, yields an excellent alternative to refined sugars.

Hand-Harvested Sea Salt

Minutes down the road from our facility is the oceanside village Tianyar, known for its coarse-grain salt crystals. Sun-dried & hand-harvested next to the beach, this pristine sea salt adds a mild, mineral-rich taste to our savory cashew flavors.


We provided farmers with seeds and training to plant Rosella, also known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa. This highly resilient crop grows well in our hot, dry conditions and is high in antioxidants. Rosella's naturally tangy flavor balances the fruity sweetness of flavors in our Coconut Banana Granola -- and makes it a staff favorite!


We source our Papaya from smallholder farmers selling at markets in nearby Singaraja. Just as these big fruits with a yellow-green outside and deep-orange inside hit their peak of ripeness, we slice them up for immediate drying.