The Source Of True Flavor

Our gourmet cashew-snack production facility is built in the heart of Bali’s cashew growing region, on the eastern shores under the shadow of the beautiful volcano Mt. Agung. Despite being one of the driest areas of Bali, this beautiful region is home to a wide range of natural produce – the perfect ingredients for tropical indulgence. Below you’ll find a collection of our local & most precious ingredients.

Wild-Harvested Cashew Nuts

These are the stars among our native ingredients and the core of our business – wild-harvested and hand-picked for perfection. The volcanic soil that nourishes the Balinese cashew trees gives our cashews a rich, milky flavor that is difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Once the cashew shells are opened, the nuts are being packaged within only a handful of days to preserve their unique, quality, freshness & flavor characteristics.

Balinese Cacao Bean

These beautiful, dark tropical Cacao Beans have been among our recipes since the very beginning for a good reason. Sourced directly from smallholder farmers in Tabanan, their strong, natural flavor enriches many of our products. Flourishing in places shaded from direct sun and wind, Cacao is a known superfood with iron-and magnesium-rich characteristics. We roll Cashews in finest powder and bake crunchy Chocolate Cookies, all natural.

Natural Lontar Palm Syrup

This natural sugar satisfies every sweet tooth and provides no reason to worry about. Low-glycaemic and healthy Lontar Palm Syrup goes through several interesting but simple processes before we are able to mix it with other gourmet ingredients. Local farmers climb tall Lontar Palm trees and collect their natural extract before boiling down the nectar and letting it dry for further workmanship.

Tropical Raja Banana

Raja Bananas are considered the king of bananas for eating and cooking – robust, with slightly coarse flesh and a full, almost custardy flavor with well-balanced sweetness and acidity. Lucky to have direct access, we’re making the best out of them. Sourced from tropical trees in the mountainous region of Tabanan, Bali, and delivered though our in-house supply chain, Raja Bananas impart our Granola Bites and Granola an authentic flavorful character.

Wild Coconuts

A strong, guarding shell on the outside, fresh, rich-tasting flesh on the inside. Wild coconuts grow right in front of our doorstep and we receive the best ones Bali has to offer several times a week. Following our small-batch philosophy, we manually de-shell the coconuts and thinly slice the flesh to be carefully toasted with artisanal attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Native Cassava Root

Next to Lontar Palm trees, Cassava is another natural sweetener growing all around our factory. Cassava is a perennial plans that grows fruitfully in well-drained soils. Its sweet and chewy underground tuber is one of the traditional edible root vegetables of the region, and when slightly fermented an excellent alternative to refined sugars.

Hand-Harvested Sea Salt

Within a 15-minute drive from our factory in the remote village of Ban we reach the Balinese Sea. Tianyar, a traditional Balinese settlement is known for its coarse-grain salt crystals. Here, right next to the ocean salt farms create the best produce the Indonesian Archipelago has to offer. Sun-dried & hand-harvested on the shores of East Bali, this pristine sea salt adds a mild, savory touch to a range of our snacks.


As part of an agricultural improvement program we provided farmers with seeds and training to plant Rosella, also known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa. This highly resilient value crop can be grown in this difficult environment and is high in antioxidants. Its natural, slightly sour flavor is an interesting addition to our Coconut Banana Granola Bites, among others.


This delicious fruit is the staple of any breakfast. To help contribute to Balinese famers, we locally source our Papaya from markets in Singaraja. It is packed with Vitamin-C & is a delicious ingredient of our Tropical Granola Mix. We blend it with and a local fruit, arenga, to make our ingredients additive free and all natural. It balances perfectly with our granola, making it an excellent and healthy choice for any breakfast.