East Bali Cashews ensures high-quality, delicious products throughout the entire process, from start to finish. It’s a labor of love - and luckily for us, we love what we do. At every step along the way, the journey of an East Bali cashew is one of rare authenticity, expertise and refreshing flavor.

Behind The Scenes

Are you wondering what stages these delicious Cacao Cashews are going through before they are carefully packaged? Go ahead and cast a glance at our thorough process outline below. A flavorful immersion – there is a lot to learn!

Cashews Really Do Grow On Trees!

A little known fact – cashew nuts are attached to the bottom of cashew apples. These apples make delicious snacks and jams, but perish very easily. They are rarely seen in stores. Once the cashew apples are perfectly ripened, they fall from the trees.

Back to the Beginning

Farmers gather the cashews by removing them from the fallen cashew apples – that’s the strange-looking fruit you see. In the three short months that make up the cashew harvest season (September to November), the farmers are very busy bees.

Something New Under the Sun

We use the hot Bali sun to dry the newly-gathered cashews. This is done on Mount Agung and at our innovative Village Drying Centers, which are another way farmers can increase their income.

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right

Once dried, we use a sorting machine to separate the cashews. We then bag them according to size in order to split, peel, and flavor them throughout the off season.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Using shells from past batches as organic fuel, our gassifier heats things up. Steam softens the cashew shells so that they can be split and processed.

We Have the Technology

After being steamed, the splitting machines remove the tough outer shell at a rate of about two cashews per second (that’s pretty fast, especially if you consider this used to be done manually!)

Waste Not, Want Not

After the outer shell is split, our machine sorts out the shells from the nuts and close attention is paid to ensure we catch what the machine doesn’t, making sure no cashew is left behind.

It’s Getting Hot in Here, Part Two

We then dehydrate the cashews in our shell-powered ovens to get them ready for the next stop on the cashew disassembly line: peeling.

It’s What’s Inside That Matters

At this stage, our workers carefully peel off the skin to reveal the cashew nut inside. The plentiful raw cashews are then sorted by size and color and sifted in a large woven basket.

Quality Control

The cashews are now ready to be sorted according to our categories. This helps us choose which to flavor with our local, fresh ingredients so that you get the best possible product.

All in Good Taste

We hand-pick only the premium cashews for the final stage- flavoring. All of our delicious cashew varieties are flavored using fresh, local ingredients, free from any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

This Little Cashew Went to Market

The flavored cashews are then carefully packaged and ready to be distributed around the world. Find Us Here!

There We Go

For us, this is beauty from the inside and out. For any snack lover out there, this lovingly designed kraft paper bag provides an additional thrill of look & feel to our world-class cashew treats.

But Wait, There's More

Cashews might be our poster child, but we have a variety of other mouth-watering snacks. Our tangy rosella tea, hearty breakfast muesli and granolas, and energizing cashew mixes are unique, healthy alternatives to boring snacks and lackluster refreshments.