The Cashew Family Foundation (Yayasan Keluarga Mente)

Farmer Training & Plant Rejuvenation

Created in 2015, The Cashew Family Foundation (CFF) delivers educational, farming, and professional development programs in the rural villages of East Bali. We call the CFF a “hybrid” organization because it is both entrepreneurial and philanthropic. The income from our East Bali Immersion service-learning program goes back to the CFF to continue this self-sustaining organization’s work.

Educational Scholarships

Higher education is essential for young people in today’s globalized world. Our goal is to create a scholarship fund for our employees and their children to create opportunities and kick-start careers.

Poorly financed education is a big problem in Karangasem. Hundreds of students are forced to drop out due to insufficient funds every year; not just in university, but in primary and secondary education as well. Our scholarships will allow students to either find work in Bali’s large tourism and hospitality sector or to learn vocational and business skills to come work in advanced positions at East Bali Cashews.

Among our educational initiatives, we will place particular focus on providing young women from the village the opportunity to pursue food or agriculture related higher education. Be it in food science, agronomy or agricultural studies, the extensive economic growth and potential in Indonesia’s agriculture & food sectors show an increasing need for bright educated young talents. With the right outset, we believe these young minds can spur innovation and growth in this wonderful country.

Subsidized Community Store

As a social enterprise, we ensure that the employees who create our high-quality cashews also have access to high-quality produce. Our factory store offers subsidized goods to our employees and their families.

The extreme poverty in East Bali makes eating a balanced diet and purchasing basic goods cumbersome. This of course presents a huge barrier to development in the region. We wanted to deepen our engagement with community health and development by addressing this problem ourselves. Our employees also operate the store, giving them commercial experience and practical job skills. The store offers foods such as fresh vegetables from the region to supplement the regular diet and other staple household goods.